Bathroom furniture

The bathroom is an intimate place where personal wellbeing is the key word. It must be designed according to the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of those who use it every day. That's why RAB bathroom furniture is fully customisable in terms of materials and finishes.

The suspended base unit with doors or baskets, a floor-standing base with large shelves, high top with integrated washbasin and countertop washbasin, the core of the project, are part of a variety of compositions that provide endless customised solutions.

Suspended bathroom unit

Suspended bathroom units provide an airy, linear solution with minimum encumbrance, giving the illusion of more space, making a smaller bathroom feel bigger. The units are also available curved for further customisation of your project.

Floor-standing bathroom unit

Floor-standing bathroom units are versatile and capacious. They are the right choice to exploit the full height of units to insert drawers, deep drawers, baskets or closed units.

Bathroom unit with integrated washbasins

Bathroom units with integrated washbasin feature a fully recessed washbasin under the top, creating perfect continuity: Integrating the washbasin with the base unit may be the right solution for a project to maximise the finishes of the top without compromising the practicality of a spacious washbasin.

Bathroom unit with countertop washbasin

A countertop washbasin becomes the protagonist of bathroom decor: you can choose a countertop washbasin of any size, shape, color and depth for your project. The basin can be of the same material as the top, for a project with uniform lines, or be enhanced by a top in another material.

Laundry room units

RAB’s laundry units are modular and come in different finishes and colours, made with resistant materials easy to maintain. Resistance and functionality due to the quality of the materials, meet design and beauty, thanks to the infinite possibilities for composition. For those who do not have a dedicated laundry room, our units fulfil a double function.

Bathroom accessories

Shower trays, bathtubs and washbasins in materials coordinated with the tops; custom-made mirrors; wood or metal modular shelves. We are aware that you want to leave nothing to chance in your composition: every washbasin, mirror, and shelf must be in perfect harmony with all the other elements. That's why we provide you with all the accessories to make your bathroom project exactly as you want it


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