Modern bathroom laundry units

A custom laundry room for your washing

The laundry room claims its space and the same design care as the other rooms in the house. Whether you need to place a washing machine cabinet in the bathroom or dedicate a room to it, RAB laundry units combine aesthetics and practicality.

Organise with style thanks to custom-made laundry units

Specially designed for those who do not have a dedicated laundry room, laundry units comprise large open or closed base units and tall units to contain a washing machine and other objects, with a full door or double doors. Tall units for dryers and washing machines increase storage capacity: they are available open or with doors and have a removable aluminium plinth for easy cleaning.

From washtub to washbasin in a few steps

The size and depth of the washtub makes washing easy. It is also equipped with a practical pull-out washboard, which can be placed on the bottom of the washtub when not in use, reducing its depth and transforming it into a basic washbasin.

Unleash your inspiration.
With a wide selection of materials and finishes, you can create an elegant, modern bathroom with extraordinary design. Want to discover all the materials with which you can customise your suspended bathroom units?

Made in Italy, manufactured by RAB

Bathroom furniture designed and manufactured in Italy.

RAB Made in Italy


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