Bathroom units with countertop washbasin

Coloured basins to create contrasts

Countertop washbasins made of resistant composite material, opaque to the eye and satiny to the touch, are available in all the colors of the RAB colour chart. Through the colour, you can accentuate the shade of the top or play with contrasts to bring out the difference between materials.

Countertop washbasin: the central element of a bathroom cabinet

The washbasin becomes the protagonist of a bathroom vanity unit with countertop washbasin, the central element that distinguishes the entire composition. A countertop washbasin can be enveloping and rounded or square and robust, have different finishes and be mounted centered or off-center, to juggle symmetry with asymmetry.

The semi-recessed washbasin: recessed but deep

The semi-recessed washbasin, partially recessed into the top, appears less deep to the eye, but this is only an illusion: with a semi-recessed washbasin you can enjoy all the functionality of a deep, spacious washbasin.

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