Bathroom shelves that optimise space and customisation possibilities

An indispensable element to optimize all space and a useful ally to add an original touch to the design of a modern bathroom: designer bathroom shelves can be customised in many ways

Modular shelves are a central element for creative design: even a linear composition can be enriched by a metal bathroom shelf or a wooden shelf placed in an original way.

Modular shelves in wood or metal

The shelves and sides of the modular L-shaped shelves can be made of wood or metal, in the same colour or in different shades. The back can not only be lacquered but also come in all the Materico or HPL finishes, to increase the possibilities of composition and finishes.

Metal storage shelves

Metal shelves of reduced dimensions can be of two types: with flat sides or simple with a bracket to position up or downward. The two types come in matt lacquered or touch effect metal.

Shelves with rounded edges

Open elements with shelves and a round edged back panel offer the choice of a lacquered finish for all of them, or a background contrast in Materico, HPL or Fenix.

Metal open units

Modular open wall units in infinite variations: open wall units in matt or touch lacquered metal, with back panel available in Materico, HPL or Fenix, can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Base unit tray

A useful element to delimit the surface of the top, a base unit tray with sides is available in matt or touch lacquer, with top in Materico, HPL or Fenix to be coordinated with the washbasin unit.

Complete, modern bathroom decor
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