Shower trays

Shower trays with customised colours and dimensions

Shower trays selected by RAB can be installed on the floor or flush with it and are available in several sizes. Colours can be customised.

Shower trays can be custom-made and are oil repellant, shock and wear resistant, and non-slip. Our shower trays come with a drain and stainless steel grille.

Shower trays that make way for creativity.

Installed on the floor or flush with it, semi-circular, square or rectangular shower trays come in a choice of sizes.

They are made of Mineralux or Tecnoril, which are versatile, resistant materials that can be used in many creative ways.

Matching washbasin and shower tray

To provide continuity and design coherence, our shower trays can be made of the same material as the washbasin.
For a special tactile, experience, we recommend the Mineralux Stone shower tray, which features a pleasant textured finish and is available coloured to match the washbasin.

Complete, modern bathroom decor
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