Washbasins in Laminam

Satisfying practical needs without sacrificing design style: this is the logical choice when choosing materials and shapes for the modern washbasins in our catalogue.

The different types of washbasins, such as countertop, built-in, drop-in, and recessed, are produced in many innovative materials and many colours, to match or contrast with the top and cabinet.
For example, countertop washbasins in coloured matt Mineralux are available in all RAB colors, providing full customisation opportunities for each project.

Countertop washbasins

Countertop bathroom washbasins in Mineralux in all colors


DIMENSIONS L 42,7 x H 15


DIMENSIONS L 42 x H 15,4


DIMENSIONS L 55 x P 40 x H 13,7


DIMENSIONS L 55 x P 40 x H 13,7


DIMENSIONS L 55 x P 35 x H 13,5

Washbasins for bathroooms

Figura washbasin in matt white Mineralux

The FIGURA countertop washbasin in Mineralux comes in various sizes, proposed on a matt black painted metal structure. It can also be placed on a surface or fixed directly to the wall.

DIMENSIONS L 60/70/85/95/105/120 x P 46 x H 13

Countertop washbasins for bathrooms

Ceramic countertop washbasins for bathrooms


DIMENSIONS L 60 x P 37 x H 12


DIMENSIONS L 42 x H 16,5


DIMENSIONS L 51,5 x P 39,5 x H 13,5


DIMENSIONS L 60 x P 38 x H 13


DIMENSIONS L 58 x P 35 x H 14


DIMENSIONS L 40/60/80 x P 38 x H 12,5


DIMENSIONS L 40/60/80 x P 48 x H 12,5

Washbasins for bathroooms

Undermount and drop-in washbasins


DIMENSIONS L 60 x P 34 x H 5


DIMENSIONS L 73 x P 34 x H 4


DIMENSIONS L 60/80 x P 40 x H 10


DIMENSIONS L 66 x P 49 x H 14


DIMENSIONS L 66 x P 49 x H 14

Integrated bathroom hand basin

Bathroom top with integrated washbasin available in many materials

Top with integrated washbasin and open unit

A top with countertop washbasin is made of a single material, for seamless stylistic continuity. There are many possibilities for designing the rectangular integrated washbasin, including with a drain in the same finish. The washbasin can have a flared or flat bottom and come with or without an overflow.
Also available with an integrated open unit

Washbasins for bathroooms

Console in Mineralux, Geacril or ceramic

Free-standing and countertop washbasins

Washbasins in Laminam

Laminam is slim, very versatile porcelain stoneware cladding with which we produce washbasins with high resistance to mechanical stress and flexing.
For example, Petra is a countertop washbasin with a large rectangular basin. Cubo, a one-piece free-standing washbasin, is also made of Laminam.


DIMENSIONS L 50 x P 33 x H 14

DIMENSIONS L 50 x P 45 x H 88

Washbasins for bathroooms

Laundry washtubs and washbasins

Complete, modern bathroom decor
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