Modern designer bathtubs in trendy colours

For us at RAB, a bathtub is synonymous with relaxation in a modern designer complement, comprising latest generation materials.

Corner, round, inset, wall-fitting, free-standing and equipped bathtubs: there is no limit to the compositions in which a designer bathtub can become the distinguishing feature. All the bathtubs provided by RAB are made of Tecnoril, Geacril or Mineralux, available in many different colours.

Free-standing bathtubs

Bathtubs in white matt Tecnoril or Geacril and Mineralux in any colour.


DIMENSIONS L 170 x P 71,2 x H 50


DIMENSIONS L 156 x P 64,5 x H 50


DIMENSIONS L 175 x P 75 x H 52


DIMENSIONS L 140 x P 140 x H 55


DIMENSIONS L 160 x P 80 x H 55


DIMENSIONS L 160 x P 70 x H 50


DIMENSIONS L 170 x P 80 x H 50


DIMENSIONS L 170 x P 70 x H 50


DIMENSIONS L 170 x P 70 x H 50

Corner or wall fitting bathtubs

Round bathtubs are also available to stand against a wall or corner, with same-colour structure.

Tecnoril is a non-porous material with anti-bacterial properties, as well as being fire and scratch resistant. To the touch the sensation is elegant and pleasant, similar to that of ceramics.


Modern bathtubs with storage space

Storage bathtub for made to measure bathrooms

RAB designer bathtubs can be customised with storage space integrated into the structure, with the same finish as the rest of the bathroom decor.

Bathtubs are included in made to measure bathrooms as they adapt to particular dimensions and completion units such as open units or storage units.

Complete, modern bathroom decor
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