RAB Arredo Bagno collections

We have declined the RAB collections in compositions with innumerable finishes, lines, designs and materials that represent our idea of ​​modern, refined bathroom furniture.

Our collections can be used in infinite compositions featuring great modularity and customisation according to your functional and aesthetic preferences. Combining different openings and cabinet doors, each composition can be customised and adapted to your own design idea.

Soul Wood.evo

Soul Wood.evo is a collection of innovative, sustainable bathroom furniture: it is distinguished by its use of different types of

reclaimed wood.

Doors and deep drawers are opened by means of a grip profile or a handle, both in painted metal.


A highly distinctive contemporary project, enhanced by the use of different materials, such as HPL or Fenix that combine in the same bathroom cabinet. Having side panels in the same finish makes for a project featuring uniform lines and compact volumes.

The inclined edge of the plain door facilitates direct grip, uniting aesthetics and functionality.


Alternating tops, volumes, thicknesses and different materials is the philosophy of the Thai collection. Fully customisable, it can be used to plan the bathroom with a large choice of compositions.

The door is enhanced by an elegant metal handle, a recessed grip handle or a grip profile for a more discreet look.


The surfaces of Step feature raised vertical lines. It comes in any of the matt colours to match or contrast the colour scheme.

The facing is applied to fronts and side panels, a tactile and visual feature that makes the unit extremely original.

Euro Zecchino

Rounded and square lines: Euro Zecchino combines opposites to create a single collection suitable for refined, elegant bathrooms. Two types of cabinet doors express their perfect ambivalence between classic and modern style, while showing their potential in an infinity of different colours and finishes.


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