Dealers in Italy, you will find us well-prepared and flexible

100% Italian quality product

A wide selection of materials and compositions to inspire you

Bathroom furniture that will last you a lifetime

Let's design together

Five bathroom furniture collections with modern design to inspire you.
20+ top quality materials to choose from.
100% Italian quality.

This is the furniture manufactured by RAB: created by uniting design with functionality, they are designed to adapt to every space and to last over the years.

RAB Design for bathrooms

Since 1989 we have been applying skills, passion and experience to the production of bathroom furniture.

Our artisanal approach, coming from the traditions of our territory, means precision, control and quality. From design to the choice of materials and the production process, all our bathroom furniture is made in Italy, manufactured by RAB.

What kind of bathroom furniture are you looking for?

Our bathroom decor collections interpret different styles and new trends, creating compositions to meet diverse needs in terms of functions and aesthetics. The common denominator is the quality of goods made by RAB, such as attention to details, artisan craftsmanship and carefully selected materials.

Are you interested in this collection?

Your best bet for choosing bathroom decor is to talk to the experts. If you're renovating your bathroom or want to plan a new one, look for our dealer nearest to you. He or she will assist you in planning your new RAB bathroom.


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