Mirror, mirror of my desire ....:
RAB bathroom furniture between Chromotherapy, Wellness and Multimedia.

The bathroom is the place of the house that more than any other changes and evolves. It is more and more a place dedicated to our well-being, attention to ourselves through accessories and technologically advanced elements that transform a RAB bathroom in a small Wellness area.


Sensory experiences: the RAB CHROMOTHERAPY MIRROR is an elegant complement that transforms the atmosphere of your bathroom, cradling your senses and freeing you from daily stress while you're comfortably having a bath.

Relax: just a "touch" on the photochromic remote control to turn on the magic of colorful and evocative atmosphere. LED lights with low consumption and low maintenance, to throw behind your back the stress of a day's work. A simple and functional object capable of giving you sensorial emotions in your new Rab Welness area: available in customized dimensions.


RAB MUSIC MIRROR built-in radio and iPod connectivity in the mirror of your bathroom cabinet!

The most beautiful music of the Realm: with RAB built-in radio and iPod connection your desire for music in just a touch. The remote control is your scepter and turns on the sounds for a good awakening in the morning or the right atmosphere while you take care of your body. Tune your day on the music you want or connect your iPod, iPad or iPhone to enjoy your playlists comfortably lying in the bath!
RAB MUSIC MIRROR: sounds good!

RAB MIRROR TV: the TV is there but you can not see it!

Integration is the password for RAB complements. The mirror with integrated TV that disappears on the anti-fog surface brings in your Wellness Area a window to the world. News, events, your favorite fiction, your unmissable reality: you are in your world, the RAB world.