Space for your wishes ... but also space for all the things in your bathroom! A space to be found all around our well-being. For this reason, RAB CLOE SYSTEM bathtubs are created as a real bathroom furniture that combines the pleasure of a bath with the functionality of storage built into the structure, with the same finish of your bathroom furniture: doors, shelves, drawers, perfectly coordinated with the colors and materials of your RAB furniture.

The standard volume of the shell is set in a matt Tecnoril ® or glossy Geacryl ® monocoque, which can be shaped tailored to your needs: width, length or side inclination, allowing you to tailor your bath for any bathroom size, also adaptable to out of square walls.

GET space to your wellness : functionality and relaxation, according to the Rab culture.
Performance excellence, where advanced machinery and manual skills are combined to get high-level results. Pride of Rab is the paint department, staffed by highly qualified personnel and advanced materials. Attention to the project, combining design and functionality, is what makes the real Made in Italy famous all over the world.